According to AARP, 90% of today’s seniors wish to remain in their homes for as long as possible. It’s easy to understand why they prefer to maintain their independence in a familiar setting and keep to their normal routines as much as possible. However, as their needs change, many seniors will require assistance in their homes as they age in place. This makes a senior care franchise a great business to invest in if you’re looking at options for the future.

This article explores six reasons why Sapphire is one of the best senior care franchises to own. We will show the growing need for home care for seniors, how a senior care franchise is not only professionally but also emotionally rewarding, and the range of tools and training that Sapphire offers to help you get your senior care franchise off the ground and begin its growth.

1. A Growing Demand for Senior Home Care Franchise

The senior care industry is rising to meet a rapidly growing demand. Many factors are increasing the need for senior home care today. As more and more seniors want to age in place, medical professionals are accepting home care as a viable option. Advancements in medical technology such as telemedicine and portable medical devices have also contributed to the significant growth of the home care business sector.

The combination of need and accessibility has led to a growing financial opportunity in senior care franchises. You may be surprised to know that driven by a booming elderly population, the senior home care business is expected to expand from $100 billion in 2016 to $225 billion by 2024. This means that now is a great time to begin your new career as a senior care franchise owner.

2. A Senior Care Franchise with a Greater Purpose

Because you are a person who cares about others, a senior care franchise is a good option. As well as being a professionally rewarding investment, a senior care franchise also has an emotional ROI. What could be better than knowing you are helping to take care of someone’s parents during their senior years? At the end of the day, you can go home feeling that you have made a positive impact on someone’s life.

Each day, families throughout the U.S. are faced with difficult decisions of how to care for their aging loved ones. Having the option to choose a home care specialist can ease that burden. It can also give them the peace of mind that their loved one can stay in their family home and still get all the care they need; the same compassionate care that they would provide. You can help families with this transition by taking advantage of senior care franchise opportunities.

3. Access to Senior Care Experts

One of the great things about running a senior care franchise is that you don’t need any experience in the home healthcare field. That’s because by aligning with Sapphire Senior Care, you can draw on the training and experience of a community of senior care experts. This will allow you to maintain a streamlined continuum of non-medical care for all your clients as your franchise grows. You can also feel confident that your clients are getting quality care from trained professionals.

4. A Strong Connection With your Community

One of the many benefits of having a senior care franchise is that it helps you develop a connection with your community. Not only is this good for your personal wellbeing, but because you are helping seniors to age in place, it also strengthens family structure within your local area.

Developing connections within your community can also help you grow your franchise. Personal interaction and word-of-mouth recommendations are important marketing strategies within this industry. Joining with Sapphire Senior Care as a franchise owner will also give you time to participate in local events and get to know the people in your community better. 

5. Association with a Reputable Home Care Business Brand

Sapphire Senior Care is one of the best senior care franchises to own. The company’s core values and caring practices set it apart from similar franchises. The reasons why are clear. As well as personal care and general housekeeping services, Sapphire also provides specialized dementia and Alzheimer’s care and partnerships with hospice care when needed.

Sapphire Senior Care will be with you every step of the way to show you how to offer senior care services throughout your local area. Not only do they provide training at their headquarters, in your community, and online, but they also familiarize you with their tested marketing techniques so that you’ll be equipped to build a solid client base. You will also have ongoing access to assessment tools, customized care plans, and business enhancement strategies.

6. Senior Home Care Franchise is Here to Stay

The demands for in-home care services for seniors are not only growing but there are here to stay. Thanks to the availability of home health care providers and the increasing implementation of telemedicine, home care has become a viable option for many elderly people. Home care can also provide a wider range of services than ever before, including household maintenance, transportation, personal care, and health care.

Because there can be longevity in running a senior care franchise, it can be a wise investment. It’s a business that Sapphire Senior Care can help you develop in your community and one that has room to expand and grow. This is a business you can feel good about today and tomorrow.

Do you want to make a positive impact in your community, become part of a supportive team, and develop a meaningful business? If so, investing in a senior care franchise could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Take the next step in senior care franchise ownership by finding out how Sapphire Senior Care can help you start your compassionate franchise today by calling (715) 874-CARE (2273).