There is no better time in our history to be part of the senior care industry. Our aging population is growing every day, and by 2035, every single baby boomer still living will have surpassed the age of 65. Chances are, you’re looking at buying an assisted living franchise because you care deeply about seniors, and you also want to run a fulfilling business to brighten your professional and personal future.

Moreover, you want to make a difference in your community, where you have noticed that the population of seniors is growing every day. You’re a compassionate person who wants to run a professional business while giving back. This article will cover the many reasons you should also look carefully beyond the assisted living franchise opportunity and take a harder look at in-home senior care business opportunities. 

Where Should Aging Loved Ones Live?

One of the most monumental decisions to be made about aging family members is where they will live. Each option has pros and cons. For example, many elders may understandably want to stay in the home they currently live in, because they’re familiar and comfortable with it. Their friends, likely also aging, are nearby, so they have means to socialize.

The alternative is a fate that many baby boomers and seniors seek to avoid: moving into an assisted living facility or moving in with their children. Typical assisted living franchise businesses involve uprooting the elder from their own home and moving them to a new facility. Some may even be moved to a nursing home facility, which, quite frankly, many seniors dread. 

There’s No Place Like Home

Think about it: most people spend their entire adult lives caring for themselves. Our sense of independence is easy to take for granted, but never easy to relinquish. This alone makes it a difficult transition for an elderly person whose needs outweigh his or her desire to remain fully independent. The process of losing independence can be more stressful and troubling when coupled with leaving a home where he or she might have lived for decades.

For some (but not all) elderly people, moving to a retirement home or assisted living facility can be an upsetting and depressing experience. The environments they nurtured and created around themselves in their own homes are suddenly stripped away and replaced with something decidedly more institutionalized and, well, just different. This is why the typical assisted living franchise business may not be best for every senior, nor the best option for your new career.

The Senior Age-In-Place Movement

“I’ve lived here for 50 years and I’m not leaving!” This is something that gets voiced frequently – and often vehemently – by seniors. In fact, this is such a pervasive attitude among seniors, that it has been given a name: the Age-In-Place Movement. There is even an organization called the National Aging in Place Council to provide aging-in-place support to seniors. It should come as no surprise, then, that an AARP survey of U.S. seniors revealed that a whopping 90% said that they want to age in their homes.

With earlier onset and diagnosis of age-related conditions, more and more people are or will soon be in need of in-home care. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has shone a spotlight on the need for quality care provided in a safe environment.

These are all good reasons to take a serious look at a senior living franchise opportunity that addresses in-home care needs generally not offered by most assisted living placement franchises for sale. 

Enter Sapphire Senior Care

A Sapphire Senior Care business is a different kind of senior living franchise opportunity. It allows you to offer a more compassionate solution both for seniors and their families, by allowing seniors to remain in their own homes. Once the daily needs of seniors outweigh their ability to live completely independently in their own homes, a Sapphire Senior Care solution can bridge the gap and give the family peace of mind while giving the seniors the independence and dignity they desire, sometimes for several years to come. As their needs increase, Sapphire Senior Care can adjust services accordingly.

Remaining in comfortable, familiar surroundings – be it one’s own home, or the home of a relative or loved one – can make transitions to later stages of life that much smoother. All the familiar comforts are there. Routines that have been set in stone for years don’t have to be drastically changed. Instead of being placed “away,” loved ones in need of extra help can remain a present part of the family setting (or happily reclusive, whichever the case may be). And the presence of a familiar face isn’t dependent on a nursing home visit made by a friend or relative.

These are all good reasons to look beyond an assisted living franchise business. 

An Aging at Home Solution Can Provide Families More Peace of Mind Than an Assisted Living Franchise 

In-home care for an elderly individual can ease a family’s mind about meeting the needs of their loved one while alleviating worry and guilt that would have accompanied relocation of the loved one to a facility. They won’t have to worry about their loved one adjusting to a new environment, or experiencing neglect or abuse. They’ll be able to keep closer tabs on their loved one without being the only one responsible for doing so.

With in-home elder care, such as that provided by Sapphire Senior Care, they’re going to know exactly how their loved one is being treated, and enjoy all the access they want with the caregiver – after all, the caregiver is coming to their (or their loved one’s) home. The caregiver’s time spent there is completely dedicated to the needs of their client, unlike the experience provided by an assisted living franchise business, where caregiver time is shared among many.

Why Does an Elder Care Franchise Make Sense?

There are numerous reasons why an elder care franchise is a plausible choice for those who wish to age at home, and a worthwhile business investment for you. Learn more in the next article in this series.

Are You Ready to Enter the Senior Living Franchise Business with Confidence?

At Sapphire Senior Care we have great respect for seniors, and believe they deserve to live out their lives at home as long as possible, and thrive where they want to be. We take great pride in the work we do each day in the lives of our clients and their families.

We’re looking for business and healthcare industry professionals and other motivated, talented individuals who want to brighten their personal and professional futures with an assisted living franchise opportunity that gives back to their communities.

If you are a thoughtful, business-savvy individual who is interested in learning how to become a contributor in the elder care industry, click here for more information.