Few, if any, seniors have said they would willingly want to move into a nursing home and have strangers take care of them. On the contrary, many elders prefer to grow old in their own homes, even if aging comes with unparalleled health, economic, independence, and social challenges. This article describes how an elder care franchise can address these issues.

In our previous article, we examined the aging in place (AIP) movement, and the fact that in an AARP survey of U.S. seniors, 90% said that they want to age in their homes. 

“The ‘Aging in Place’ (AIP) movement reflects the needs and desires of seniors who have made the conscious choice of remaining in their homes for as long as they can while benefiting from all the comforts and support they need to live independent, healthy, and safe lives. It is becoming stronger every day and benefits our parents and grandparents tremendously. On the other hand, it is up to us to offer them the right conditions, so their choice works to their advantage.”

Let’s take a look at several  reasons why an elder care franchise is a plausible choice for those who wish to age at home, and why it could be a worthwhile business investment for you.

Aging In Place and Social Connections

Aging in place helps protect social connections. Social isolation is a major problem among the elderly, and relationships that are found in a community are important to maintain throughout life. Aging in place allows people to better maintain their social relationships. In a recent AARP survey, 41 percent of those who want to remain in their community stated that their primary reason for staying was their friends, followed by family, safety from crime, and a pleasant neighborhood or community.

In addition to preventing social isolation, allowing older people to stay connected to their communities has been found to have health benefits. Even limited engagement can reduce mortality; increase physical function, muscular strength, and levels of self-rated health; it can reduce symptoms of depression and pain, and increase life expectancy. These improved health outcomes can, in turn, lead to cost savings.

With assistance provided by Sapphire Senior Care’s in-home elder care franchise, your clients can continue to enjoy and even thrive by keeping their social connections.

In-Home Care Can Be Considerably Less Expensive

One of the largest considerations when deciding how to provide care for seniors is the expense.

When it comes to costs, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development found out that aging in place is less expensive for the senior or the family in comparison to life in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

By making some safety modifications to the home an elderly person owns outright, it’s entirely possible that they can leverage that asset while affording the necessary improvements and the in-home care you’ll be providing through your Sapphire Senior Care elder care franchise business. It’s possible that paying for a few in-home services could cost less than moving them into an independent living, assisted living, or long-term care facility. And the senior will have their wish of still living on their own, thanks to a little help from your Sapphire Senior Care elder care franchise resources.

With Sapphire Senior Care, You’ll Provide Seniors with Custom Care 

Everyone’s needs are different. That is why the Sapphire Senior Care business model is one that is agile and reflective, and needed now more than ever.

The care can be tailored to fit the exact needs of each client, even if they develop dementia or memory issues. The visits from your Sapphire Senior Care workers can last two to four hours, or more, depending on the needs of the individual.

Be A World-Changer For Family Members Providing Care

Another solid argument for Sapphire Senior Care’s eldery care franchise business is its impact on family caregivers. An in-home elder care franchise like Sapphire Senior Care can remove a large burden from the shoulders of a family member who’s been acting as primary caregiver. Having the extra help will allow them to worry less about the care and safety of their loved one. 

One of the less-talked about issues families face is deciding or agreeing  that a certain family member must become the designated caregiver, in order to let the senior remain in their own home. For the designated caregiver, this often feels like a thankless and lonely responsibility.

First, there is often a daily back-and-forth between homes. While having a good heart and good intentions, the designated caregiver may be resentful that he or she has less time to spend with his or her own family or on the job. Next, they can fall into a rut and feel isolated, and get a growing sense that professional goals and personal dreams have been snatched away. They also may be engaged in a delicate dance with other members of the family concerned about the aging relative, as well as negotiating the new family relationship.

Caring for an aging parent or relative can truly be a roller coaster of emotions that requires one’s very best sense of humor, communication and organization skills, and patience.

The services you provide with your Sapphire Senior Care elder care franchise can relieve some, or all, of this burden. For loved ones struggling to personally provide a satisfactory level of care to an aging relative, the decision to bring in Sapphire Senior Care’s professional help into the home to assist with present needs can be a world-changer.

Are You Ready To Start The Elder Care Franchise Business In Your Community?

At Sapphire Senior Care we believe seniors (our elders!) deserve to live out their life at home as long as possible, and to thrive in a place where they want to be. If you have a passion for seniors, and want to play a role in their quality of life, you might find it significantly rewarding to invest in a Sapphire Senior Care franchise opportunity. If you’re ready to be a contributor in the elder care franchise business, click here for more information.